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  • Keng shey niu:choklangan village
  • Putsa Sheng: Choklangan village
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  • Lung pai niu:choklangan village
  • Bao yam shing
  • Keng shey niu
  • Putsa Sheng village
  • Tai chok: choklangan village
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  • Bao yam shing fall

Choklangan is a small village, located between the lofty mountain of Khulia King, Kenking, and Enshao king. The Village is 57 Km away from the District HQ. The Village is blessed with a serene landscape with rich biodiversity. The Village is known for its fine craftsmanship and handlooms. Artisans experts in Ehlon-Niu(indigenous fiber from nettle plant) are found in the village. Places o tourist/ adventure interest includes King Shey, Putsa Shing, Tsonniu Shing

How to Reach:

By Air

Dimapur Airport

By Train

Dimapur Railway Station

By Road

57 Km away from the District HQ