Noklak District is a Tribal District inhabited by recognized Naga Tribes, the Khiamniungan tribe and Yimchunger tribe. Khiamniungan tribe constitute the majority of the population in the District with Yimchunger tribe inhabiting Thonoknyu Sub- Division adjoining Noklak District. The population of the District as per the census 2011 stands at 55,434, the population density of which is 51/km2 while the sex ratio (921 females per 1000 males) is lower than the state average of 931. The rural population constitutes more than 86 % and only 14% urban. The search for, health, and education, livelihood opportunities in the urban have led to steady rural-urban migration in the recent years.

Literacy rate of the District stands at 66% (excluding children below 6 years), whereas the male literacy rate is 69.4%, the female literacy rate is 62% as per the census 2011 projection.

Literacy Rate
Literacy Rate Male Female
66% (excluding children below 6 years) 69.4% 62%