Noklak is the newest District of Nagaland located in the easternmost part of the Country bordering Myanmar. Carved out from parent District Tuensang, the District covers a geographical area of approximately 1152 Sq Km. The District Hq Noklak is nestled at the altitude of 1524 meters above sea level. The District enjoys a sub-tropical climate and hilly region with broad leaved forests. The District shares boundary with Tuensang in the West, Kiphire District in the South, Mon District in the North, whereas the whole eastern boundary of the district stretching nearly 92 KM from the Boundary Pillar Numbers ranging from BP 139 to BP 146 form the Indo-Myanmar Border the a stretch of through forest and hills. The District exclusively falls within the Free Regime Movement belt.
The District has two Assembly Constituencies namely 56 AC Noklak and 57 AC Thonoknyu. There are three Rural Development Blocks which are Noklak Block, Panso Block and Thonoknyu Block. There are 44 inhabitations including Noklak Town and 3 other Administrative Hqs.